Iridescence of True Beauty – Part 1: The Base


Image via InStyle

Camille Bugayong and Samantha Nunez

Makeup can be fun. Once you figure out what goes where, what looks good, and what that weird brush is used for, it can actually be pretty exciting. 

Cam has been using makeup for around four years, starting with her mom’s old products in the eighth grade. Since then, she has learned what products work and what enhances the features on her face.

Sam is new to makeup, knowing little information about what types of products and brushes to use.

With makeup users being such a large population, why is it hard to find beauty gurus with darker skin? Why is it hard to find makeup products that actually work and won’t make your skin patchy? Search for a product review on YouTube, and the results will be reviewed from mostly fair-skinned people. Cam, who is Filipino, and Sam, who is Dominican, promise to factor in diversity in the upcoming articles. 

It’s important to have a beauty section that caters to its audience of high schoolers. In this series, we will cover how to do the basics of makeup, find your perfect shades, conduct interviews with those in the beauty industry, and review products of what is and isn’t worth it.