Cheering for Improved School Spirit

Cheering for Improved School Spirit

Charley Dvorin, Co-Editor in Chief


West Orange High School (WOHS) is known for its highly rated sports teams and facilities yet up until recently, lacked an essential part of what adds to the ultimate high school experience: school spirit. This year, thanks to WOHS Sports Media Association (WOHSSMA), there has been a noticeable effort from the school, specifically our Athletic Director Stephen Zichella, to increase school pride and energy at sports games. WOHS’s Sports Media Association promotes all athletic events under the Instagram handle “wohssports”, which garnered over 1,000 followers within the week of it being created. 

Along with posting information about games, WOHSSMA heavily encourages fans and the newly created “Blue Crew” student section to support important games against rivals by offering West Orange gear, such as blue and white pom poms and WO-themed towels to aid in cheering for our town and create a sea of blue and white, but more importantly, a sense of community.

Mason Bashkoff, a senior and the founder of WOHSSMA, hopes to take this initiative even further. He plans on engaging the athletic programs within the high school with “guest speakers, grander alumni connections, and heightened hyper local news coverage.” Bashkoff goes on to say that WOHSSMA is planning on “launching a scholarship for the student-athletes at WOHS in the near future.” 

As a senior and student athlete at West Orange High School, I can attest and say that this year has had a noticeably different atmosphere and energy at sports events. It was the first year the football stadium stands were always packed with students participating in the announced theme, such as “neon night” or “wild west.” Not only this but important games such as a county final or state tournament game are now highlighted and emphasized within the student body and school.