What is Coffeehouse?


Wendy Mapes

Performers at the 2022 Coffeehouse

Lauren Walters, Copy & Photo Editor

On Friday, December 2, the West Orange High School Drama Club hosted their winter Coffeehouse. Despite its name, the coffee and treats offered at this event aren’t what makes it an essential WOHS event. Coffeehouse is a culmination of the many talents West Orange High School has to offer, with students coming together to put on an entertaining night for their families and peers.

The Coffeehouse has become a WOHS tradition since 2017, when the event was first put on as a way to publicize the school’s talents and fundraise for the glee club. Since then, the Coffeehouse has become an integral part of the highschool’s culture for those who enjoy the arts. With the drama club putting together a showcase for each winter and spring season, there are plenty of opportunities for music and art enthusiasts to enjoy the show.

Hosted by Drama Board President, Morgan Lanzot Woodridge, this year’s show took place in the WOHS Little Theater, which the club transformed into the Coffeehouse Inn for the night. Woodridge kicked off the night by welcoming “guests” to the inn, setting the tone for the transformative experience that would follow. Woodridge worked with the rest of the drama club in their behind the scenes efforts to create this immersive experience, from set design, to acting in between performances.

The quaint theater created an intimate environment and a lively, supportive atmosphere for the performers that took the event from a show to an experience. With the audience laughing, and occasionally singing along with the performers, the event was like a safe space for budding performers to express themselves.

From musical acts, to stand up comedy, Coffeehouse is an opportunity for students to step out and showcase their unique talents to a smaller scale audience. Though the event is hosted by the Drama Club, all students are welcome to audition to participate. Throughout the show, the audience is shown a collection of diverse performances that appeal to an array of different interests. Some notable performances include original songs by seniors, a Billy Joel duet by brothers Charlie and Gus Peterson, and a show-stopping performance by band RainbowVision that ended the night.

The Coffeehouse is an opportunity for supporters of the arts to uplift student performers as well as experience an exclusive look at everything the high school has to offer when it comes to the arts. This event is not only a fun night for viewers, but a great opportunity for performers. Delia Kravits shared that “It was fun collaborating with all different types of artists! It’s important to appreciate any and every talent there is, and coffeehouse creates a beautiful platform for support and camaraderie among performers.”

If the Coffeehouse sounds appealing to you, be sure to attend the next one in the spring and if you’re a performer yourself, be sure to attend auditions! You can also support the drama program by attending their production of Grease this spring!