Ex- That’s So Raven Star Kyle Massey Sued After Alleged Sexual Relations With a Minor


Natalie Nevins, Student Journalist

Former Disney prodigy Kyle Massey is being sued for approximately $1.5 million after allegations surfaced against him and his “attempt to commit a lewd act with a minor.”

After an anonymous suit was filed, the accuser eventually came out as Jane Doe, who allegedly is a minor, and who kept her name out of the suit due to the sensitivity and personal nature of the subject. As a result, Jane’s mother, Anne Doe filed on her daughter’s behalf.

The Does allege that the relationship with the Disney star dated back to when Jane was only 4 years old, and when Massey, who was 18 years old at the time, became a “father figure” to Jane.

Jane reached out to Massey when she was 13, and wished to audition for his show Cory in the House. The suit alleges that the actor offered to fly the 13 year old out and have her live with him.

Massey allegedly referred to Jane as “so sweet and beautiful” and that he would take care of her in a text to Anne. Things allegedly escalated when Massey “began to send Jane Doe numerous sexually explicit text messages, images and videos. These allegations include videos of Massey’s girlfriend in addition to a “Snapchat image revealing Massey holding his penis” and other alleged “lewd” texts.

At the time, Jane was allegedly 12 and Massey 27.

Anne and Jane revealed the emotional distress, and great pain of mind and body, caused by Massey’s actions. Angel Massey, Kyle’s mother quickly responded saying, “Kyle is the victim here. He was the victim as a minor and now as an adult with attempted extortion.”

According to Angel, the Does requested a settlement of $1.5 million to keep this information confidential and from going public. Due to the fact that Angel revealed how “Kyle had not done anything wrong” she declined the offer.

As a result, investigation of this lawsuit will continue, and Angel believes that, “This lawsuit will reveal more information more favorable for Kyle as it unfolds.”