Architecture & Engineering Design is the Class For You


If you’ve ever been interested in designing things with 3D printers, luckily there is a class offered here at West Orange High School where you can bring your creations to life.

In engaging fun projects each semester, Architectural & Engineering Design is a full year class with 5 credits that is offered here at the West Orange High School.

There are three levels of AED: I, II & III. In AED 1, you will learn how to use a certain set of skills (creating, reading and interpreting technical drawings). With things skills, you learn how to model and prototype using CAD software and 3D printers. In AED 2, you develop your design skills that help you with designing on AutoCD and Rhino software. In AED 3, you learn how to combine all the skills you’ve learned over the years to design projects in a group. Projects include blueprints, floor plan designing, 3D printing house objects, design your dream house, etc.  

Architectural & Engineering Design 1 is offered to grades 9-12, Architectural & Engineering Design 2 is offered to grades 10-12, and Architectural & Engineering Design 3 is offered to grades 11-12.