Join The Pioneer!


Image via Talking Biz News

There’s something comforting about the headquarters of the school’s newspaper, The Pioneer. From its students and staff members who take pride in delivering news to West Orange High School to the classroom of laughter, music, and keyboard typing, it’s a publication that aims to explore the news from the perspective of the schools’ more than capable students. 


Former students say joining the Pioneer improved their writing skills, and by the end of the year, they were better creators, writers, and thinkers. For those who are interested in writing/journalism, the Pioneer is the perfect place to showcase their abilities. (It doesn’t hurt that college values writing-based academic clubs.) With the help of the team members, the club’s resources, and the guidance of our advisor Ms. Dahl, one can improve their writing and communication skills to further help their academic career. 


To join the team, simply stop by the Pioneer meetings held twice a month during lunch on C days. For more information, visit @wohspioneer on Instagram or email [email protected]