Screenwriters Society Poster Contest Winner


Artist – Claudia Rogers (’24)

This year, the West Orange Screenwriters Society is hosting the 2nd Annual Film Festival. The theme for this year is “Behind the Scenes, Beyond the Student”, and students who are currently taking graphic design and art classes were challenged to create a poster advertising the festival while encapsulating the theme. The artist of the selected poster was granted a $50 prize. 

With over 25 submissions sent in, the Screenwriters Society and film festival participants began the voting process. All artwork was submitted anonymously, and the posters ranged from being done in paint, markers, pencil, and even digitally animated. 

After the voting process was completed, a final 5 were left (shoutout to Daniella Aghahowa and Justice Cillo Smith, Calixta Cempron, David Kanikwu, Marvyn Phillips, and Claudia Rogers)! Advisors of the Screenwriters Society, Photo and Video Club. and other administrators involved in the festival as well as film festival participants voted once more to get a lone winner. 

Claudia Rogers, a Junior at West Orange, won the contest. “I was inspired by the aspects of film such as using a film reel wheel for the eyes, and also wanted to make the poster a person because of the title ‘beyond the student” Rogers noted. 

The Screenwriters Society is very grateful for all of the beautiful and creative work submitted and hopes to see you all at the Film Festival on May 15th in the LMC!