Have You Heard of Makerspace?


During lunch, students are able to do homework, socialize, and read books. But there is one thing most students don’t know about: MakerSpace. MakerSpace is an activity center run by West Orange High School’s librarians, Ms. Tindall, and art teacher, Ms. Krulik where students can create various items. While it is not an official club at the high school, MakerSpace is open to every student and faculty member. Each day, students and staff come together to create letters for veterans, and much more.

MakerSpace was established when block scheduling began at the high school and lunch was 25 minutes longer than before. Ms. Tindall wanted to create a space where students can do something other than play video games and watch videos on the desktops. Finding inspiration in the public libraries, Ms. Tindall created an area in which students can be more productive during the 60 minute lunch period. Initially, MakerSpace in collaboration with the art classes decorated the wooden tables with newspaper and magazine cutouts. Today, MakerSpace incorporates programming, 3D designing, and volunteering into its projects to create meaningful bonds with the community.

Librarian, Ms. Tindall loves seeing students come together to make these projects and encourages the use of social media to share her projects. Ms. Tindall uses Twitter and Instagram to share the various projects of MakerSpace and wants students to share their projects and ideas with her at [email protected]. The next time you have an idea to create a robot, a new website, or present for cancer patients, come to MakerSpace and make that come true!