A Look Into Screenwriter’s Society


During my time thus far at West Orange High School, I have realized that while the school offers a plethora of electives, there are not many centered around the film industry. There are, however, clubs that focus on being in the entertainment industry. If you are someone who is interested in being in the film industry, come join the Screenwriters Society! Screenwriters Society is a club that was formed over a decade ago and is now run by Ms. Thomassie, the technology specialist for grades 6-12. Prior to her current job, she worked at HBO test running shows and has many connections within the film industry. 


This year in Screenwriters Society, our main focus is to get everyone involved and listen to everyone’s ideas. As President of the club, it is my goal to make sure everyone feels welcome, safe and gains experience as well as knowledge. Over the course of the year, the Screenwriters Society will: hold numerous screenwriting competitions, watch and dissect movies/screens, analyze screenplays and upcoming movie loglines, and have guest speakers come in and share their experiences of being in the film industry with us. 


Screenwriters Society meets once remotely and once in person at least twice a month. If you have any interest in writing screenplays, being in the film industry, or simply enjoy watching movies and talking about them with your friends, join the virtual meeting on October 20th or come by Room 1150 on October 28th during the lunch block!