Swapping Out Fast Fashion for Sustainability


Charley Dvorin

Students thrift clothes at Fight For Green’s Clothing Swap event

Due to sites like Shein and Zara and social media platforms like Tiktok, the popularity of fast fashion – getting trendy clothes for a cheap price- has grown tremendously. Although fast fashion is an appealing market, it significantly harms the environment; the production of fast fashion clothes is one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. In hopes of stopping West Orange students from partaking in the consumption of fast fashion, the Fight For Green club recently hosted a clothing swap event on April 13. To participate in the event, students were required to bring in 1-3 pieces of good-conditioned clothing that they were no longer wearing. Then, on April 13, they were allowed to “thrift” and take home the same number of clothes they had donated. 

The event was a huge success. With over 50 garments donated, there were a plethora of different styles of clothing for people to choose from. By providing people with stylish and free clothing while also showing them the importance of sustainability, Fight For Green members are looking forward to continuing to be advocates for sustainability and will be hosting another clothing swap soon.