Teen Pep! What’s It All About?

Teen Pep! What’s It All About?

Students of the West Orange school district are awarded diverse and interactive opportunities to express their feelings and find themselves. 


Starting in 2011, Teen PEP is a strong community of the most respected seniors in the high school. As educators, they teach the younger students the importance of safe sex, relationships, and much more. Recently, I sat down with the head coordinators of the program, Mr. Diaz and Mrs. Vitale. 


Let’s get into the interview: 

What is Teen PEP? 

Mrs. Vitale answered, “Teen PEP is an interactive program that is taught by older students. This program aims to help students gain more knowledge about the discussed topics, confidence, and become comfortable.”

What are the benefits of Teen PEP? 

Mr. Diaz says, “Teen PEP includes teaching methods such as skits, active participation, and up to date facts and statistics regarding real life situations that many teenagers face. The information is being delivered by senior peer leaders, and we hope that participants will listen and look up to the peer educators in a positive way.”

What are your favorite parts of Teen PEP? 

Mrs. Vitale claims, “Everything is my favorite part of Teen PEP! But, the outreaches are my favorite part because it shows the hard work paid off.” 

Why do you think Teen PEP is important? 

Mr. Diaz says, “I feel every high school should implement Teen PEP.  If we prevent even just one student every year from becoming pregnant, getting someone else pregnant, or catching an STI/STD, then we did our jobs.  I can tell you from the questions and information that our students have provided to the underclassmen that we have helped change the life of many students over the past 10+ years. Many students do not feel comfortable speaking to their parents about sexual education topics so Teen PEP provides them with a reputable source that they can access with confidence.”


Mrs. Vitale answered, “It’s important because it’s everyday life situations that students deal with and can communicate and gain knowledge from.”