Course Selection Spotlight: Newspaper 


Are you interested in a career in journalism? Are you an aspiring writer?  Or are you just looking for a class to fill a requirement? Well then, Newspaper may be just the class you are looking for. 

Newspaper is a full year, five credit class for sophomores, juniors, and seniors that have taken the previous course: Intro to Journalism. It not only teaches the principles of journalism, but gives you an opportunity to write for the West Orange High School newspaper: The Pioneer. In Newspaper, you’ll learn about what it takes to write a good article, how to be a responsible and reliable journalist, as well as how to conduct and interview, gather information, and produce the best content possible. You’ll be able to do all of this through in-person interviews and articles. In addition, you will have the opportunity to hear from real life journalists and writers for major newspapers in order to gain a new perspective on what it takes to succeed in the field. It is a class that will allow you to grow as a writer and a journalist. 

The class is taught by Ms. Dahl, who is also currently teaching Intro to Journalism as well. While the class is taught by Ms. Dahl the actual newspaper itself is almost entirely student- run. It is supervised by the Leadership Team, a group of students who oversee the production of the paper. While taking Newspaper, you’ll be tasked with both writing and editing articles, allowing you to harness your abilities in both areas of journalism. 

Another great thing about Newspaper is that you can truly write about whatever topic you feel is important (school appropriate, obviously). The freedom that comes with writing for the Pioneer is one of the best things about it. It allows you as a writer to share the news and stories that you feel need to be shared. The Pioneer staff is also a very tight knit group and joining this class could provide you with friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Overall, Newspaper is a very hands on course that provides quite a bit of freedom to the students who take it. If you’re interested in a career in journalism or writing, this may be the perfect class for you.