Samantha’s Summer Quarantine Guide


Samantha Nunez, News and Politics editor

With Graduation around the corner, school ending soon, and hot weather approaching, we’re going to have even more time for ourselves this summer vacation. Although this summer might be different than any other because of the Coronavirus, you can still make it fun. Here are a couple of things to do in summer 2020:

1. Cleaning

Cleaning your house makes it feel nice and fresh. It’s best to sweep your home to get rid of dust, allergens, and pet dander. Mopping cleans up any germs on the floor and makes it clean. It’s best to do this once a week. Disinfect tables with antibacterial wipes. Keep washing your hands with antibacterial soap to get rid of any germs/bacteria on your hands. Throw out any school papers you don’t need for this year. Clean your phone with rubbing alcohol or wipes that are safe for your phone screen.

2. Going Outside 

Since quarantine started, we have had to keep our distance to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Getting fresh air outside or even taking walks is beneficial for us since we’re trapped at home. If you go on a walk, make sure you wear your mask.

3. Selfcare

Take a day all for yourself. Do your skincare routine. Meditate. Watch a new show. Clear out any photos/apps you don’t need on your phone. Read a new book. Cook an original recipe. Relax, and enjoy your summer vacation.

4. Keeping Up with the Latest News

Watch shows like The Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah or The Tonight Show: At Home Edition with Jimmy Fallon to keep up with daily news. Make sure you’re keeping up with the news for any updates about the Coronavirus. Use social media apps like Instagram and Twitter to find your news. 

5. Friends and Family

Take the opportunity to call your friends and family. Organize Zoom calls or FaceTime them to be contacted. Be sure to call often.