Recent Shooting In West Orange

A local shooting in West Orange on Tuesday, Sept. 27th, has left one man dead and another injured. Authorities have identified one of the victims of the shooting as Corrington Valentin, 21. He was shot and killed on Watson Avenue in the 100s block in West Orange. 


Police were notified at 3:23 pm of the shooting. After suffering gunshot wounds the 21-year-old resident of Newark, New Jersey was brought to Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, where he later died Tuesday night. Authorities state that the other victim, whose name is currently unreleased, also suffered gunshot wounds but survived. 


Mayor Perisi released this statement in regards to the death of the young man,


 “Unfortunately, there was a shooting this afternoon on Watson Avenue. Two victims sustained injuries. The shooter is still at large. There is no additional information at this time as this just happened a short time ago and law enforcement has just begun the investigation. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office will oversee the investigation, working with the West Orange, NJ Police Department, and they will provide official updates on the well-being of the victims as well as the progress of the investigation. If anyone has information about this incident that would be helpful to the investigation, you should contact the West Orange Police Department at 973-325-4000.”


When asked, “Have there been any changes on the street after the incident?” A resident of Watson Avenue stated, “Nothing has changed on the day of the shooting, all I heard was multiple helicopters and [the] news. Up the street was closed for a day and…was activated the next.” 


A non-profit organization called The National Gun Violence Memorial has a website in which you can light “virtual candles” in honor of gun violence victims. 39 candles as of October 15 have been lit for Valentin. 


The case is currently being investigated by local authorities including the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Homicide/Major Crimes Task Force, and the Crime Scene Investigations Bureau.