Why The Nuggets Will Win a Championship in The Next 5 years


Kahlil Calloway

The Nuggets have been having a flawless season as the 2nd seed at the mid way mark of the season. Nikola Jokic is playing like a future star and has proved how you can build around a big man. Jokic is a passing big man who can do anything. The Nuggets have great young players such as Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, and Michael Porter Jr. Unfortunately, Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, Will Barton, Isaiah Thomas, and Michael Porter Jr have struggled with injuries this season. Porter was drafted 14th and was seen as a steal. Porter does not even need to be played since the Nuggets are so good. Porter was compared to Kevin Durant in the draft comparison which shows high potential. If Porter Jr  reaches this comparison they will definitely be champions in 5 years.Nuggets might have had one of the best rebuilds in a while and could be a free agent destination in the next few years.