Rec Room: The Future of Socializing


Justin Peters, Entertainment and Arts Editor

We all know how hard it is to talk to people. It’s in our human nature to be as awkward as possible when meeting new people, or even while talking with our oldest friends. What is it about connecting with others that’s so difficult? Is it the fact that we have our noses buried in tech recently? Well, that would be the “boomer” answer. But, honestly, technology is helping us connect like never before. But you know the standards: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and all the others. But what if I told you that there was another way to connect with more people from around the world, to share your similar interests, to make friends you would have never made before in other circumstances, and of course, to play paintball. Let me introduce to you the future of socializing: Rec Room.

Rec Room is described as a “virtual social club,” according to their Twitter. There have been many virtual social clubs before, like Second Life, AltSpace, and most notably, VRChat. But there is nothing else to compare to Rec Room. When you start the app, you are placed in your own, private hub-world: the Dorm Room. Here, you can customize your avatar, decorate your Dorm, and check out the Bulletin Board for cool fan-art and videos! When you’re ready, head to the Rec Center, where you’ll finally be able to make new friends! To make friends, all you have to do is shake their hand; it’s that easy!

Rec Room also offers a variety of games to play! Play traditional sports, like bowling, soccer (with your hands), disc golf, paddleball, dodgeball, laser tag (with actual laser guns), and most popular of all, paintball (with paint grenades). You can also play a mix of non traditional sports like 3D Charades, where you can paint objects in a 3D space, Rec Royale, a 18-person free-for-all battle royale with almost every available weapon in the game, and most recently released: Stunt Runner, a free-running, parkour, racing-type game, a la “American Ninja Warrior/Wipeout,” in the style of 80’s television. If you’re up for an adventure, you can go on quests! As of now, there are five unique different quests you can go on with up to four people: two medieval themed, one space themed, one pirate themed, and one vampire-hunting themed. There may be a prize waiting for you at the end!

If you’re feeling bored by the Rec Room Original activities, you can create your own room! Using a tool called the Maker Pen, you can create your own virtual environment that others can visit. With the Maker pen you can Re-create an iconic movie location, design your own escape room, or put your friends through your own challenging quest! It’s super easy to use and figure out. Some of these rooms are so breathtaking and innovative that you have to pinch yourself sometimes when you visit one.

I know that all of this is a bit much to take in. One can get very lost in this labyrinth of awesomeness. Thankfully, you have your trusty wristwatch! Just look at your watch to open it up. It can teleport you to rooms, create your rooms, show you your friends list, and show you messages and invites. Navigating your watch is simple and easy!

Honestly, the best part of Rec Room is the availability. It is mainly meant to be played in virtual reality (Oculus, Vive, PSVR), which is the best way to play. But, if you don’t have VR, you can play on “Screen Mode,” which can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and on mobile very soon. Oh, and did I mention the entire app is FREE to play across all platforms? You can connect various players as Rec Room allows you to crossplay with PC, PS4, and mobile players!

I asked some of Rec Room’s most beloved users what Rec Room meant to them. Here are their responses (prepare the tissues): 

“To most people, Rec Room may seem to be just an ordinary game. And honestly it technically is, but the experiences in the game make it feel much more than just that. In real life I’m just an ordinary kid that struggles with everyday situations but in this reality, I feel like a person who has everything about them in control. I feel like a person with a purpose and a goal in mind that knows I can achieve if I keep working for it. Rec Room is an escape where I can be a new version of myself.”

-MoodyMarlo, one of Rec Room’s most prolific creators, most known for his storytelling with over 4,000 subscribers and rooms such as, “The Sad Man,” “Holotar Dance,” and “The Lost Lavaliere.”


“I’ve been playing this game constantly for two years now.  The “Wii Sports” of VR? No, it’s much much more than that. I’ve made friends, best friends, and met groups of amazing people. It’s not just a place to play games (which are very fun by the way!), it’s a place to hangout, have fun, and create. Rec Room has allowed me to be more social and I’m so glad I was able to find it. Do yourself a favor and play this game. You won’t regret it.”

-Harrison, a Rec Room creator known for his incredibly advanced building style with over 4,000 subscribers and rooms such as, “cliffside,” “RecKarts,” and “Aperture.”


“For me, Rec Room is the place where I’ve met many friends, at a time in my life that I was very socially isolated. Having children with disabilities, it’s incredibly hard to get out of the house and meet people. It was the place where I gained confidence, could be myself, and finally, the place where I found a job that I truly feel is my calling.”

-Mamamonkey, one of Rec Room’s most top Community Support Coordinators, who keeps the Rec Room world friendly and safe! She also hosts the “Creator’s Spotlight” series on Rec Room’s YouTube channel.


Rec Room is more than just a game, it’s an infinite sandbox of discovery, beautiful worlds, and of course: paintball. Plenty of people think so too. Adam Savage’s “Tested” has a great video on Rec Room that I will link below. Try out Rec Room for yourself; meet some new people, play some games, and see why more and more people are using it each day.