Good Days


Kiley Capstraw, In our school/In our town editor

“Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out, get some air now”

SZA, an alternative R&B artist, released her hit single on December 25th, 2020. She caught worldwide attention when she dropped this single. “Good Days” describes moving forward from the past and looking for better days. SZA reflects on her toxic past and how she was emotionally affected by draining and unhealthy relationships. 

Personally, I enjoy listening to the single because it is very inspiring. You do not even have to be emotionally affected while listening to the song. Despite the lyrics, I find myself smiling while singing along. 

To start the song, we hear that SZA is having a difficult time moving past a relationship that meant so much to her. Throughout the song, she finally admits that she was wrong and starts to see a brighter future ahead. 

Although I am not emotionally attached to this song, there are people that have theories as to what the meaning behind this song really is. Fans believe that this is a song for manifesting, and while you sing, you are creating a new image for yourself. Well, take a listen; what do you think?