Lil Boat 2: Album Review


Allan Agesilas, Editorials Editor

Lil Yachty has just released his sequel album to “Lil Boat” called “Lil Boat 2.” On his debut studio album, last year’s “Teenage Emotions,” the young rapper was bashed with criticism by trying to prove to people he was a versatile artist. Yachty did acknowledge his mistakes when he admitted the album’s songs “weren’t what he started with” and that he “was trying to force these styles.” He also mentioned that he tried something different and now looking back, it was too early for him to change his style since his career had just started. So on this album Yachty focused on making music the fans know and love.

Yachty starts off his album with “Self Made,” a song that sets the tone for his latest album. Yachty is serious, delivering lines boasting about his accomplishments with his signature autotune. Yachty fans can tell that he changed his style on this album, shifting away from his traditionally light-hearted content. Yachty tracks with features is what carries this album. For example his collab with PnB Rock on “she ready.” The beat is sunny, the hook is melodic and Yachty finally displays energy and charisma. The song is a nod to the Lil Yachty of old, leaving the listener nostalgic for what used to be.

He also does a lot tricks with NBA Youngboy, where Yachty and NBA go back and forth spitting bars with no hook. This song shows fans that Yachty can be a little versatile on some tracks. To end the album Lil Yachty features Trippie Redd in “17.” A perfect way to end an album by using one of the hottest upcoming artists who relates to Yachty’s melodic style. Personally, that is my favorite track on the album. The album could have been better but it was an improvement. Yachty’s goal was to make the youth like it and he achieved his goal.

Grade: B