The Importance of Ramadan

Eniya Jaber, Student Journalist

As the new moon approaches, muslims around the world are preparing for Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. They’re decorating their homes, buying tons of food, and getting in touch with all of their friends and family. Most muslims, like myself, will agree that it is the best time of year. During Ramadan, practicing muslims will display their self restraint and control. While people often understand this as not eating during the day, it is actually so much more. Muslims are obligated to refrain from eating, drinking (yes, including water), sexual activity, and all forms of immoral behavior until the sun goes down. As someone who has been participating in Ramadan since they were five, I can admit that it is very challenging. It takes both physical and mental strength to complete each day.

You might be wondering why muslims observe and love Ramadan if it’s so difficult? In exchange for this fast, along with prayer and good intention, all my past sins are forgiven! I love that my religion gives me a chance to redeem myself, teaching me the importance of forgiveness. This month is also a time of increased charity and generosity, reminding me how important it is to be selfless. When I feel hunger and thirst daily, I develop a strong sense of compassion for the poor and needy. In addition, Ramadan strengthens my relationship with God. In my busy life, it is easy for me to forget what I believe is most important. Every day, I go to the mosque during Ramadan in order to improve the connection I have with my Creator.

Aside from the religious aspects of Ramadan, it is also a month of love and joy! Throughout the month, Ramadan brings families together. In my household, my family prays together and has a huge dinner each night! As I reflect on Ramadan, I can always see that the bond I have with my parents and siblings has grown stronger each year. At the end of it all, we celebrate “Eid al- Fitr”, meaning the festival of the breaking of fast. It is a three day Islamic holiday where everyone comes together to celebrate Ramadan with their friends and families. This usually includes an abundance of food, gifts, and laughter. It is an amazing experience that I cannot wait to be a part of again! Whether you are religious or not, the beauty of Ramadan is clear. If you know a fasting Muslim, tell them “Ramadan Mubarak!”, meaning you want them to have a blessed Ramadan!