How the NBA Quarantines


Kiley Capstraw, In Our School/In Our Town+Social Media Editor

Everyone knows that once the NBA season ended, the world actually shut down. Not much longer was there no NCAA March Madness, Opening Day for baseball, hockey season, which turned the world upside down. So in conclusion, the NBA rules the world. But seriously, after the decision was made, literally everything shut down. 

Yes, there were no basketball games, but there was more time than ever for the NBA stars to show off their dance moves, families, cooking abilities and hidden talents. LeBron James and his family took the world by storm through their almost daily “Tik Tok” posts. What started off as just something that his two sons, Bronny and Bryce would do, is now a family affair. Not only that, James also brought his sons to the Lakers training facility just to be told it was closed to everyone, even the “King.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo has showed off his guitar skills, that were not very good. Too many to name have been caught racing their dogs as their speed training. Javale Mcgee has proven to be one of the worst rappers alive. After his performance on Instagram Live, the 7’0 monster has been told to never rap again. 

The most popular trend in the NBA has to be the stars and their gaming addiction. They must feel like a group of teenage boys who were just told that there was no school for a couple of months. Although their season might come to a close, the stars are still continuously posting about their video games, who they just recently beat, and asking “Who wants the smoke?”

In the end, these beyond talented and large human beings have to find ways to keep themselves busy as their season goes on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. Wish them luck because they’ll need a lot of it.