Best Gifts for Fathers Day 

Marissa Edelman, Featured Teacher and Club Corner Editor

The art of picking the perfect gift is knowing the recipient, and getting a gift for your father is no different. Depending on who your father is, they may seem nonchalant and unphased when receiving the perfect gift. But, if it truly is perfect, you just carried them into next year’s Father’s Day with how happy you made them. Below are some items; choose wisely which one is the best for your father. 


A pour-over coffee maker is great for any father who loves his morning coffee. This simple gift can make his mornings that much better and his days that much easier! 

If you attend a University, you can get him a sweatshirt that says the name of the University and Dad. Dads love to celebrate their kids accomplishments and he is probably so excited to show off your college. 

A custom wallet, personalized with something both of you will understand, or just a loving message. The message will sit comfortably in his heart while the wallet sits in his pocket. 

If your dad loves to grill, a set of spices could be the way to go! If he is any good it will be a present for all. 

A custom mug with pictures of you with your father can help his morning coffee feel a little warmer. His coffee would be filled with a hint of chestnut and nostalgia. 

A book that he will love! If your father is an avid reader, buy him a book from one of his role models. Because every good role model needs a role model of their own. 

Your father will love any of these gifts, because although some may be small. You showing that you appreciate their role in your life, is the most special gift you can give to your father.