ROTC for You and Me


Royson Folas, Athletics and Editorials

Are you a disciplined, well-mannered student, looking for a sense of belonging and accomplishment? Do you possess exemplary leadership and teamwork qualities? If not, would you like to acquire them? Well look no further than the AFJROTC program here at West Orange High School.

AFJROTC stands for Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and enrolled students are called cadets. It is a military based program run mainly by students where they aim to rank up as high as possible to earn various leadership positions by showing leadership skills.

The mission of the AFJROTC program is “to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community”. One way AFJROTC ensures that students fulfill this requirement is by mandating that cadets reach a certain amount a community service hours each year. While that may sound tedious to some, these are some basic fundamentals that build social skills, character, and good ethics in student by making them feel an obligation to help the world around them.

The goals of the program are “to instill values of citizenship, give service to the United States, develop a personal responsibility, and instill a sense of accomplishment in high school students,”. The positive results are evident. All AFJROTC cadets are held to higher standard to than to the average students.

AFJROTC is without a doubt one of the more demanding elective that WOHS provides but the rewards and benefits surely justify the means. Field trips, scholarships, and life-changing experiences are just some of the incentives the program provides.